Is This You?


Is This You?


Is this you?

You need to start feeling good again. You could use some ease instead of struggle.

You may be going through a difficult transition such as:

  • dealing with pain

  • unexplained or unusual symptoms

  • relationship upheaval

  • a new physical illness 

  • parenting struggles

  • adjusting to chronic illness

  • a job change

  • loss of direction or inspiration

  • hormonal imbalance

You are dealing with some turmoil, or working through some health issues. As you look more deeply, you notice old issues and patterns, that are getting in your way. Your body and emotions are also going through a lot. The process can feel exhausting, and problems like insomnia, headaches or digestive issues can crop up.

You have a sense that the symptoms that are bothering you have roots in your emotional and mental life that may have been brewing for a long time now. It can feel like an uphill battle to create change when the habitual groove is so embodied.

If only there were something that could make it easier and help you move through the changes you are facing more smoothly.


I understand this, and have been through it myself.

When dealing with painful or challenging physical symptoms. You need help to heal and recover. The changes and adjustments required in your life can be stressful and depleting. I help my clients feel better, and negotiate the process of recovering and regaining a new and better sense of balance and support. You don't want to simply cover up the symptoms, you want to get to the root cause and see the problem change fully. That's my goal too, and I will walk with you through the process.

When I first started getting acupuncture, it was a time of turmoil in my life. I was also uncovering some rough edges in myself and unprocessed trauma. I would often feel overwhelmed, tired and raw.

But then I would go to my Five Element Acupuncturist. Each time, I would leave calmer, but also feeling more integrated. It would help smooth out those rough edges, and strengthen the areas of new growth. I could go forward to work on the next part, feeling more settled and secure. It seemed to be both accelerating and easing my progress.

After I got through the changes that were needed at that time, I continued getting acupuncture for the support and stress relief it offered. In fact, I never stopped. Walking out of each session I feel like myself again. Remembering and honoring my deeper self and needs. It helps me turn back towards caring for myself in supportive ways instead of falling into "stress relieving", but actually damaging ways of coping.


As you move through the challenges life brings, acupuncture can be a support, physically, emotionally, mentally. It enhances and actualizes any healing, therapeutic or growth efforts you are making. 

Acupuncture can help you through a time of change with less struggle. It can smooth the path, increase your flow and help you find a calm and relaxed place from which you can move forward.


My work can be helpful if you:

* Have been having symptoms that you know are stress-related.

* Have an illness or injury that is not getting better over time.

* Have varied or vague symptoms that are hard to diagnose.

* Or.... you don't feel ill, but just want to feel better.


I've come to see that my life is better with this kind of support.
And it is my greatest honor to offer this level of support to others.


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