Is This You?


Is This You?


Is this you?

You may be going through a difficult transition such as:

  • dealing with pain

  • unexplained or unusual symptoms

  • relationship upheaval

  • a new physical illness 

  • family struggles

  • adjusting to chronic illness

  • a job change

  • loss of direction or inspiration

  • hormonal imbalance

You’re anxious and stressed and starting to feel overwhelmed. You have some physical symptoms that are worrying you - they seem to be a sign of how off-balance your life has become. When you are stressed like this, your family life and relationships are affected too - you can’t be the person you want to be for those around you, and that adds to your stress as well.

It’s hard to get a handle on things right now - to catch up with yourself. You’re feeling the need to get clear, manage your stressful work and find your center. You know things would feel more manageable if you could calm down. But just how does that happen? You feel like you are stuck or blocked from moving forward, and nothing you’ve tried has really helped your physical symptoms or your emotional stress.

You have tried positive self-talk, meditation, and medication. You are trying to care for the various symptoms that crop up one at a time. And you're just trying to keep going, hoping that things will settle down on their own.

But it’s not really helping because it doesn’t seem to reach to the underlying issues. Until you get to the root cause of what’s throwing you off, your symptoms and reactions will likely stick around. You feel blocked and need to get your energy moving so that you can feel better and be more at ease.

One thing we all know is that real change happens from the inside out. To really heal these kinds of issues, it’s important to understand where the stress is coming from on all levels. Usually the root cause is some blocked energy that keeps you from healing and feeling better.

Once the root cause is identified, you can get energy flowing again. It helps to increase body awareness, find some calm time to reflect on what you need and how to get it, and get feedback from a trusted source to know you are headed in the right direction. And, once things do start to move and change, it's helpful to find ways to stabilize so that it the change really takes hold.

Getting healthy energy flowing has been my focus for over 25 years now, as a T'ai Chi teacher, Acupuncturist and Zero Balancing Bodyworker.  I've been to school to learn how to help people find balance, health and vitality, becoming a Board Certified (NCCAOM) Acupuncturist, a Certified Zero Balancer, and a teacher. I've taught from acupuncture colleges to local workshops because I love to share the ideas and solutions that this work brings. And in thousands of sessions I've helped people recover their calm and find the path towards health.

I do it because I see people struggling so hard to make it through the stresses of life, and to recover from the effects. I do it because when each person recovers their sense of peace and balance, they carry those qualities into the world and touch each person in their life, spreading the healing as you go. This is my way of bringing more peace, healing, and dare I say - Love - into the world. It starts with each of us. 

My work can be helpful if you:

* Have been having symptoms that you know are stress-related.

* Have an illness or injury that is not getting better over time.

* Have varied or vague symptoms that are hard to diagnose.

* Or.... you don't feel ill, but just want to feel better.


I've come to see that my life is better with this kind of support.
And it is my greatest honor to offer this level of support to others.


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