Is This You?


Is This You?


Is this you?
My approach works for:

  • People who are feeling the stress of challenging work and life situations.

  • If you are struggling with insomnia, headaches, hormone imbalance, digestive problems, etc.

  • When you’re grieving or broken-hearted and it’s affecting your sleep, appetite or energy level.

  • People who don’t have physical symptoms, but just don’t quite feel right.

  • If you are stuck creatively or needing to find a new career path

  • People who are new to acupuncture or energy work, but are curious about it.

  • People who have been getting energy work for years and have highly refined expectations.

  • Men and Women from their 20s to their 90s.

This will really fit if you:

  • Want natural solutions to the symptoms and stresses you face.

  • Are self-aware and notice your body’s messages,  even if you ignore them sometimes!

  • Understand there’s a connection between your emotional state and your physical well-being.

  • Want to feel vibrant and healthy so that you can engage more fully in your life.

Here are some of the types of client’s situations I work with…


Your work is challenging and great. You’ve got a lot of responsibility, and are able to juggle many roles. The demands at work have increased lately and there are issues you need to handle with family. This level of stress is becoming long term, and your body is starting to tell you about it. Symptoms are showing up and starting to concern you.


In grief.

You’ve had a big loss in the past few years, or a series of hits too close together. Ever since then things have not felt the same. It’s like the bottom dropped out. Your energy and mood have been lower. Or more tense. Nothing’s “wrong” but you don’t feel right.

Creativity block.

You are an artist or creator who loves what you do. Lately, though, you’ve been distracted and pulled off track by the needs of others or demands of life. Anxiety and doubt have set in. Now you are starting to wonder how to find your inspiration again, or if you need to start over from scratch. Tension and stress get in the way of finding that part of yourself and thriving again.


You are in the midst of a divorce or relationship change. You can see that things will be better eventually, but right now you are finding it hard to sleep well, you are low on appetite and constantly pulled off center by the emotional events. You’d like to be able to move forward with your life, but it feels like you are being pulled under by these tides.



You’ve been feeling extra tired lately or you’ve recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness. You are under good medical care, but you’d like some help with symptoms that are bothering you. Treatment may have helped - somewhat - but you don’t feel right yet. You’d like to find a way to keep living the life you love, with a flow that works for what’s going on now.

Seeking a path.

You’ve been in this situation for too long. You’ve known it’s not right for you, but have felt trapped. And by now you are so worn down and stressed that it’s hard to find the energy and focus to move towards what might come next. You need a sense of peace and connection with yourself so that you can find the strength to step forward into a new path.

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