Welcome. I wonder if any of this sounds familiar…

You’re anxious and stressed and starting to feel overwhelmed. You have some physical symptoms that are worrying you - they seem to be a sign of how
off-balance your life has become.

When you are stressed like this, your family life and relationships are affected too - you can’t be the person you want to be for those around you, and that adds to your stress as well.

  • You need to get a handle on the symptoms and the stress.

  • You want to feel calm and centered.

  • You’d like to reconnect with the part of yourself that knows how to manage and also to relax.

You CAN find your way out of this and back to yourself.

Your symptoms- and your life- can feel better, more manageable.
and you can find that sense of inner calm you’ve been looking for.
I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

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My practice is a safe space for people of all skin colors, backgrounds and cultures, body types, sexual orientations, gender identities and levels of health and ability. I am trauma aware, body positive and focus on harm prevention. In other words, I work with you from where you are to increase health and vitality without preconceived judgements of how that should look.

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