I am deeply committed to serving the highest good for each one of my clients. When you come in for your sessions, you will have my full attention for the entire time. I will utilize Acupuncture, Zero Balancing, Medical Qi Gong, and other healing modalities depending on what you need that day. I am also a skilled and caring listener and will work to understand what is happening from your perspective.

If you are considering coming in, you'd probably like to know what your options are and get a sense of the details. Here is a list of the services I offer. If you have questions about what is right for you, please contact me.


I offer classes so you can learn how to balance your own energy between sessions, and to explore the interesting ideas behind the healing work. See below for upcoming offerings.


First Session

The first time you come in I give you a two hour time slot so that we have time to get to know each other as well as time for a treatment to get you started on your path towards feeling better. Click on "Learn More" to get all the details about this session, or contact me personally with your questions.



This package will work well for you if you are coming anywhere from weekly to three weeks apart.


Regular session

If you are ready for sessions farther apart than three weeks, or are coming in only for Zero Balancing, this option is for you.


tune up

Sometimes you just need a quick tune-up between sessions. This is also a more affordable option for people who need it or who need to come in more frequently. Click below for details.


zero balancing

Zero Balancing is a wonderful method of body work that relaxes and gently re-aligns the body as well as balancing and integrating the energy. I often include it as part of each regular acupuncture session. You don't need to book it separately if you are getting acupuncture treatment. If you would like to come in just for Zero Balancing, you can book a Regular Session and you do not need to have a "First Session" beforehand.



I offer classes so you can learn how to balance your own energy between sessions, and to explore the cool ideas behind the healing work.

Upcoming classes include:

T’ai Chi

Studio 34 4522 Baltimore Avenue
$12 drop in

Open to all, no experience necessary. Each class teaches some of the moves and focuses on one of the principles of movement that form the core of Tai Chi, giving you simple exercises that help you feel and cultivate that way of moving. Class ends with a “Tai Chi Savasana” - guided meditation while lying down.


Second Fridays 6-7:30pm
Nava Yoga Center 1200 Constitution Ave. (Navy Yard)

An hour of flowing yoga followed by an extended savasana while I give you a calming, relaxing acupuncture treatment. This is a sweet experience that leaves you floating peacefully into your weekend.

Nurture and Ground

3 hour workshop combining yoga, with Carolyn Poerio, and Zero Balancing and Acupuncture provided by me. Focus will be on bringing awareness and connection into your body.

Ask for upcoming dates