When your energy is balanced and supported you are the best version of yourself. You will find you are better able to face challenges and recover from stresses. Healthy lifestyle choices become easy. Creativity, joy, mental focus and better sleep come naturally. Sometimes the best way to get a sense of how this works is to hear how it has been for some of my clients.

Kate's Story

When I first met Kate*, she had just had surgery to remove a lump from her breast, but didn’t want cancer to be the focus of her life. In fact, she wanted to get back to doing photography and asked for help in reconnecting to her motivation for that. Following surgery she went through chemo and radiation and came for acupuncture on a regular basis during that period. It really helped improve her energy, sleep, appetite and reduce pain. It also helped her find her connection to her real self - other than as a cancer patient. As she recovered from the depletion brought on by chemo, she did return to her artwork with new focus. She also used the acupuncture process to improve her ability to sort out her priorities, and to continue to recover physically and emotionally from the experience. It has been a pleasure to see her develop more confidence in her work, as she shows nationally and internationally and continues to evolve artistically.When your energy is balanced and supported you are the best version of yourself. You will find you are better able to face challenges and recover from stresses. Healthy lifestyle choices become easy. Creativity, joy, mental focus and better sleep come naturally.

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I found Doren at a time when my energy level was very low, as were my spirits. She took time to do a thorough assessment of my concerns during that first meeting, and in that way, she was able to pinpoint a course of action. I have always felt more under control and balanced after the sessions with her. My previous experience with traditional acupuncture had been very impersonal, and Doren’s approach worked so much better for me. Doren is very intuitive and caring, highly skilled in her art, and extremely professional. I am thankful for these five years of having her help keep my mind clear and my energy flowing.
— Kate

Sophia's Story

Sophia* is an artist who creates sweet, whimsical artwork. When she came to me she was working in a job surrounded by a lot of hostility and negative people. She was so depleted and affected by that setting, that she had almost lost herself. She had been experiencing unexplained anger - not a normal state for this gentle, kind woman.

I cleared her energy field from outside influences. We did a lot of work helping her to strengthen her boundaries (acupuncture can support this). The anger faded quickly. Also her energy level began to improve. She began to reconnect with her intuition and inspiration. Eventually this led her to leave that job and focus more on her artwork.

Doren was a miracle worker for me. She really took the time to listen to me and find out what my needs were. After working with her, I feel I found my “voice” again and was able to put my time and energy into my passion, which is my artwork. As a result of her work, I felt better physically and emotionally and my work really began to connect with other people. I can’t thank her enough for her help!”
— Sophia

Elizabeth's* Story

She called to ask if I had ever worked with the condition she had before. I had not. (it's relatively rare). We kept talking and she told me it was definitely worsened by her stress and anxiety. It was affecting her sleep and making her exhausted and miserable. Now, that I've got plenty of experience with! She decided to give treatment with me a try. 

On her first visit, I explained that I treat each person's underlying energy imbalances, which are what happens before any physical symptoms show up. If we could get her energy flowing better, she might see a reduction in symptoms, even ones I haven't encountered before. But our first place to focus was on the stress. 

I was nervous but excited at my first appointment. Laying down and keeping still is a battle when you have Dystonia. I wasn’t sure how she would react to the constant spasms. To my delight, Doren was compassionate and understanding which was exactly what I needed!

After the first two sessions she was able to find a sleeping position that let her escape her symptoms (which were worse at night) and she began catching up on sleep. This made a huge difference to the healing process. We were both encouraged to see this change - it had been months since she'd had a good night's sleep. 

There is nothing more defeating than having your body in constant pain and spasms when you are trying to relax and sleep. Doren worked on my breathing and getting certain muscle groups to relax while moving the energy to other muscle groups that were inactive. It was absolutely amazing being able to lay down in bed and actually fall asleep without medication or from complete exhaustion.

But now her symptoms began showing up more during the day. Natural healing doesn't always take a linear course. She stayed with the process and experimented with ways of getting relief. She continued getting help from her other doctors also. Little by little it began to change. Each time she came for a session, she would leave feeling better and more relaxed. She also had a chance to talk with me about what was happening. Sometimes new connections or suggestions came out of those talks.  Mostly it was just helpful to have a place to open up about what was going on - at work she was trying to just keep going without letting her condition show or slow her down. 

After a while things had settled to the point that I could do some hands-on bodywork (Zero Balancing) on the affected areas. I could feel a ton of energy pouring out of the back of her neck and head. She felt it too. She left the office that day feeling especially calm. 

The one area I felt was still in need of work was the upper neck and skull. Zero Balancing was one of the most beneficial treatments to help naturally relax the muscles. This part of my treatment also helped because I could feel the muscles relaxing, understand how to relax them, and take that knowledge home with me to practice. With Dystonia, the body is in a state of constant spasms, twisting, and pulling. To feel the upper neck and occipital muscles finally release during Zero Balancing was incredible. This ultimately built my confidence that I was capable of relaxing that muscle group.

From that time on her physical symptoms began to lessen. She also made some significant changes to her diet with the help of a nutritionist and felt a big difference from that change. She was already feeling a lot better emotionally and had a much better balance, stress-wise. 

Now she really started to see the physical symptoms that had been so stubborn start to melt away. We kept meeting when needed to support the process.  All of her doctors were impressed with the recovery she made in a relatively short time for a condition that can be very difficult to treat. 

Most of all it was gratifying to see her come into a much stronger place in herself. Life events that would have previously been agitating, she is now handling with equilibrium. She continues to be an inspiration of courage and persistence in finding healing on many levels. It has been my privilege to help her along this path. 

I am forever grateful for Doren’s help with my healing process. Her treatments are exactly what I need to manage my condition and live a more positive life. She is a wonderful human being whose treatments are one of the most beneficial I have ever encountered!



Erica is a teacher and a dedicated mom. As with many working moms, she often finds herself divided between roles, and exhausted by giving too much of herself. She has noticed that when she gets worn down, she is more vulnerable to negative self-talk and questions her worth. An acupuncture treatment can strengthen her boundaries, and let her feel strong and protected in the world as well as improving her energy level. This has been a useful tool as she has moved her way up in the school where she works and grown her family with love.

As a client of Doren’s for over 7 years, I always look forward to acupuncture as an emotional re-set, and chance to re-center and gain strength. Whether an appointment to rebuild energy, or to strengthen in preparation for upcoming challenges, Five Element Acupuncture with Doren has become as essential part of my self care. As a busy working mom, it is a chance to fill my cup so I can be my best for others and those I love.
— Erica

Julia's Story

Sometimes the body holds memories of past traumas and can process and release them during a session. During a Zero Balancing session as I was working on her arm, one client suddenly remembered an incident from her childhood. Her younger brother had gotten seriously injured and lost an arm as a result. She had always carried guilt about it, even though she was too young to be responsible. There was a lot of emotion for her as this surfaced and cleared, followed by a deep peacefulness as she saw that she could let go of the guilt. She was lighter and less burdened after that session.

I have often thought of our sessions.  They were truly helpful.  [Do] you remember the session where I came into the feeling about my brother (he lost his arm when he was 3).  The next time I saw him, he gave me a very intense bear hug.  He always gives me a hug but this one was different.  Very intense and longer than a quick hug.  I feel like on some level the work I did with you that day in some way released something from him. 
— Julia*

* Names changed.

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