Doren was a miracle worker for me. She really took the time to listen to me and find out what my needs were. After working with her, I feel I found my “voice” again and was able to put my time and energy into my passion, which is my artwork. As a result of her work, I felt better physically and emotionally and my work really began to connect with other people. I can’t thank her enough for her help!”

I found Doren at a time when my energy level was very low, as were my spirits. She took time to do a thorough assessment of my concerns during that first meeting, and in that way, she was able to pinpoint a course of action. I have always felt more under control and balanced after the sessions with her. My previous experience with traditional acupuncture had been very impersonal, and Doren’s approach worked so much better for me. Doren is very intuitive and caring, highly skilled in her art, and extremely professional. I am thankful for these five years of having her help keep my mind clear and my energy flowing.
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As a client of Doren’s for over 7 years, I always look forward to acupuncture as an emotional re-set, and chance to re-center and gain strength. Whether an appointment to rebuild energy, or to strengthen in preparation for upcoming challenges, Five Element Acupuncture with Doren has become as essential part of my self care. As a busy working mom, it is a chance to fill my cup so I can be my best for others and those I love.

I was nervous but excited at my first appointment. Laying down and keeping still is a battle when you have Dystonia. I wasn’t sure how she would react to the constant spasms. To my delight, Doren was compassionate and understanding which was exactly what I needed!
There is nothing more defeating than having your body in constant pain and spasms when you are trying to relax and sleep. It was absolutely amazing being able to lay down in bed and actually fall asleep without medication.
Zero Balancing was one of the most beneficial treatments to help naturally relax the muscles. This part of my treatment also helped because I could feel the muscles relaxing, understand how to relax them, and take that knowledge home with me to practice.

I have often thought of our sessions.  They were truly helpful.  [Do] you remember the session where I came into the feeling about my brother (he lost his arm when he was three years old). 
The next time I saw him, he gave me a very intense bear hug.  He always gives me a hug but this one was different.  Very intense and longer than a quick hug.  I feel like on some level the work I did with you that day in some way released something from him. 

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