For a long time I have hesitated to write about the magic that sometimes happens when I am doing my work. Putting experiences into words often changes them, and with these kinds of things, the words never quite feel right.

Also, of course, I wonder how people will take it. Am I crazy? At first when these things would happen I would ask myself, “Am I just making this up?” But over time, I have come to realize that is not a very useful question. Developing intuition happens by trusting what we are getting, and then confirming it with others. This has happened often enough now that I trust it - and if I’m wrong, but it still helps bring about healing, I’m ok with that!

So... I’m starting a new section of my blog called:


Little Bits of Magic


I was working on a client’s knee. I noticed that the inside/medial side of the knee was expelling heat and seemed to be struggling more than the outside/lateral. This was interesting because the client had torn her ACL and had surgery on it, but it was the other side that was not happy. As I listened in further I asked the MCL (medial cruciate ligament) how it was doing. It said that it was feeling over-burdened. “My partner is too strong and inflexible - it’s like I’m paired with SuperMan over there and I can’t keep up!”

Then I turned my attention to the ACL and asked it how it was doing. A feeling of deep sadness welled up in me and made me want to cry. Suddenly I remembered that the client had told me that her ACL surgery included using a cadaver ligament to replace her torn one. It took a while to reach the energy of this ligament, and when I did it was very slow and limited. But it was there! I asked it if it knew it had a partner and if it could work to be more in tune with the other ligament. Language didn’t come easily here, but there was a sense of awareness and willingness to be more connected and gentler. It was a very tender, almost heart-breaking exchange.

After the session I shared with the client what I had experienced. Like many who have had injuries that, at times, cause pain or limitation, she had felt in a bit of an adversarial relationship to her knee. Since then she has been listening to her knee more and become more aware of more sensations. Only good can come of her having more connection and compassion for them, as well as hopefully those two partnered ligaments having better communication with each other!