It’s about coming home.

It’s been a season of many changes for me, and now I am about to move my home (locally). I seem to get a certain sense of stability from my home and stuff - do you? That’s why packing it all up and changing location has the potential to throw me off. But at times like this, I have a method, that I am going to share with you today, to help me stay centered and calm.

So much of our stress - wether we are moving or not - is rooted in a need to come home. To really feel that we are in a place that is safe and where we belong. When we feel at home, there is an ease and presence that supports all our other endeavors. We feel supported, rested and capable.

But even if we are physically at home, we may not feel settled and at ease. Sometimes we feel unsettled, ill-at-ease, or lost, even when external signs don’t show that. Not being able to truly feel at home (regardless of where we are) prevents us from ever fully resting, from being able to recharge and reduces our access to the support we need.

On the other hand, we can be away from our domicile and feel completely rooted and grounded - at home in the world. That's the feeling I try to help my clients find in each session. Not just as an idea, but as a felt sense. And that brings us to the method I’m sharing with you for staying grounded, even when challenges arise.

Using visualization or imagination you can create a sense of being grounded. Visualize yourself putting down roots, and setting down your burdens. Let yourself be supported by the most reliable thing ever-  the ground that holds you up. Our true homes are our bodies and the earth beneath our feet - always there for us- but often in the stress and rush of daily life, we forget about both of them!

Taking a short time whenever you need it, to set down your worries and tension and recharge by grounding can make all the difference. I’m attaching an 8-minute guided meditation for grounding and recharging. I’ll be using this technique throughout the process of my move (and whenever other stress arises). I know from experience this will help me to arrive in my new home already feeling at home!

Please try this meditation and let me know how it works for you. If you’d like a little more help in letting go of tension and finding that grounded, supported feeling, schedule a session with me in my Philadelphia office.


In June I will be adding another location in Philadelphia. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I will be practicing at the Integral Life Center. I will continue at my current location at the Medical Tower on Wednesdays and Thursdays:

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