As I walk this morning I am treading on leaves. Passing under each different tree, the carpet changes. This is a closer view of the leaves than I get when they are high up in the tree. Now I can see the interesting shape of the sycamore leaves and the silvery underside of the maple leaves. I can see details - the imperfections and the beauty. 

This season of Autumn is associated with the Metal Element in Five Element Acupuncture. The Metal Element within us has the role of helping us let go and return to our essence. Before, I’ve seen that in how without leaves, we can again see the essence of the tree - it’s trunk and branches, it’s basic shape. But today I thought about how letting the leaves go also lets them be seen more closely. It’s like that phrase “when the cards are on the table” we can really see who someone is.

I’ve arrived here in the Philadelphia area after some big changes in my life. Family struggles and the break down of a relationship as well as feeling a call to return to this beloved city and the forests and the river. I really had to let go and let things fall away and fall where they may. And yes, I feel that it is bringing me closer to my essence. I hope that it also let’s others see me in more detail - the imperfections and the beauty.