Whether it’s true or not, I end up feeling that I can’t handle what’s going on - that it’s too much for me. Sometimes when I’ve already made it through an experience, I still feel it affecting me - and those reverberations can wear me out.

When I feel that way, I use a method to ground myself and clear my energy field. I use it before I go into a challenging situation so that I can feel strong and clear and maintain my boundaries. I use it after an interaction or experience that seems to be sticking with me, so that I can clear my mind and energy field.

I wanted to share that method with you, so I made a video - see below. 

I’ll be teaching this and other methods to help you balance your energy at my upcoming classes (Nov. 19 at Mount Airy Learning Tree, January 21 at Nava Yoga and Jan 28 at Healing Arts Collective). See my website for more details about signing up.

My heart really goes out to you - and to all of us - as we try to keep our balance while dealing with the negativity this world can throw at us. In my life, receiving Five Element Acupuncture and Zero Balancing have been such a big part of keeping my equilibrium. If you would like that kind of support, please contact me for a consultation to find out more.

Click the image below to view a short video on the Grounding and Clearing technique I talked about: