When you get really relaxed - I don’t know if you know this - you get a tiny little smile at the corners of your mouth. 

I know it because I am lucky enough to see that smile on several people a week. Usually this is during the Zero Balancing portion of the session, after we’ve talked a bit about what’s going on, and done some acupuncture to get the energy flowing better. Now the body is releasing old patterns of tension held in the shoulders or neck and as you slip into a deeply relaxed state - there it is. I find that smile a truly beautiful thing.

Each of us holds a beauty along with all the rest of our complexity. We each also hold tightness and hurts and old patterns. When we are able to flow better, it’s easier to connect with that beauty and ease within yourself. And it shows - in your face, in the way you walk, and the way you interact.

That is why I do the work I do, and why I feel it makes a difference in the wider world. I believe that when any one of us finds a way to release and resolve an old negative pattern, it makes a difference to all of us. It certainly makes a difference to you. It also makes a difference to the people in your life. Who knows how far those ripples go? If you want to see change in the world, the place to start is within yourself. And hopefully with a smile...

I’d love to see that smile on your face. Or on the face of your friend. That’s why I’m offering gift certificates for Zero Balancing Sessions for 10% off in December. Give the gift of relaxation, and let the smile come unbidden.

With warm wishes,