Do you have a hard time accepting winter - the cold, and the dark and the lack of visible growth? In Five Element theory, winter and the Water Element associated with it are viewed as a challenging but really important part of the cycle. The promise of this season is that deep rest and restoration is possible. The rest of your year can be so much more potent when you get this.

It can help you cope when you see how it fits into the bigger picture of our lives and how our patterns shift throughout the year and within our bodies and selves.
I've made a video (see below) to describe some of the way the Water Element plays out in our lives.
I'm also teaching a workshop on Winter and the Water Element  to help you find ways to stay warm and find balance, health and restoration in this season. To make it easier for you to attend, I'm offering the workshop twice - come to either one!

Filling Your Reserves in Winter - A Five Element Workshop
At Nava Yoga Center
Saturday January 21, 1-3pm

Filling Your Reserves - Winter and the Water Element
At Healing Arts Collective
Saturday January 28 1-2:30

One of the good qualities that winter offers us is deep stillness. This can be a good time to start a meditation practice or even just take a few quiet breaths and let yourself rest into that stillness. Or come in for a Zero Balancing session - so often that drops you into a deeply peaceful, still place.

I hope you can make it to a workshop, and enjoy the video below!

Warm wishes,

Just click on the image to watch the video