Some Moms are not easy. And some are just plain difficult. The death of a parent is always an emotional challenge, but the loss of a challenging parent can be really complicated.

One of my clients recently helped her mother through a difficult dying process. Things had never been easy with her. As my client lay on my treatment table, grieving, but pretty ok with how things went, I sensed so much energy swirling around her head. I put a few needles in and something told me to leave the room and let her have some space (I usually stay with my clients the whole time).

When I came back she had tears welling in her eyes and an amazed, relieved look on her face. While lying there she had felt and seen each painful episode she’d had with her mother pass before her and be released. “It was like they just went into the hands of God,” she said. “I feel so much peace now.”

Sometimes the most amazing work happens when someone is in a really tough place. I always feel honored to be with someone who is working through a challenge, and it is a privilege and a joy to be ‘along for the ride’ as they come through that experience and find more peace and balance.

I never know when such healings are going to happen, but they do. On a regular basis. And I’m so grateful to get to help that happen.