It’s been a slow cool spring here on the east coast, but summer is coming now and before you know it, we will be melting. The Fire Element, which relates to summer, reminds us that sometimes it is important to melt! When we open our boundaries, we expand into larger states of consciousness, into greater connection with others and the divine, we…. warm up and open up. We feel the warmth of love flow within us - what better feeling is there??

Maybe because love is such a wonderful and needed feeling, it reasons that we would end up with lots of issues around it. In search of love we can open ourselves to people and situations that are hurtful and harmful to us. Or in response to that hurt, we close up and make walls that seem to protect us, but end up leaving us lonely and blocked. It’s tricky to find just the right balance of being open to love and joy and yet still maintaining healthy boundaries and self-awareness.

It’s much like keeping the house at the right temperature. Without a good thermostat and a responsive HVAC system, we end up suffering the miseries of being too hot or too cold - neither of which leave us in a good mood from which to relate, work, think or be at ease.

Our Fire Element is like our thermostat. It creates the right balance of a working temperature, helping us easily determine how open we should be in any given situation or relationship, when we should wrap up a little and when to throw the covers off and dance!

There’s nothing like Five Element treatment to help keep your Fire Element in balance and support healthy temperature in your body (literally - hot flashes anyone?), in your mind, in your emotions and in your relationship with other and yourself (have you been hearing some rather cold self-talk lately?). I’d love to see you in my treatment room and help support good flow through your Fire Element and all the other Elements too.

Also, I’m teaching a workshop on keeping your balance in Summer and with the Fire Element:

Open Your Heart to Summer: A Workshop on the Fire Element

Friday, June 23, 6:30-8:30 at Nava Yoga at the Navy Yard $30 

I’m going offer a treatment with moxa and give you some for home use!

learn more and register here

In Joy,